Acid Loops

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Acid Loops can help you boost your creativity

Sonic Foundry's Acid is probably one of the most exciting products of the last years. It lets you produce professional music with a minimum of knowledge and effort. I seldom had so much fun playing around with a program, right from the beginning.

You just have to drop some loops on different tracks, arrange and mix them. You can easily change tempo and key of the whole song.

But there is one drawback. Without the appropriate material you cannot get the most out of this program. They are the lifeblood of this program. Of course you can do pretty much with the library that comes with the application, but if you experienced the potential of this software you certainly want more.

You should not limit your creativity that way. Use the sounds you really want to use, not some substitutes. That makes the difference between a professional sounding track and some cheap demo.

Listen before you buy !

Before you spend all your money on great loops (there's a lot to spend), you should find a way to listen first. The loops are not cheap so make sure you really get exactly what you want. You may find a dealer who lets you check it out first, or you can get demos to listen if the material is what you expected.

You can also find sources on the Internet, that let you listen to demo loops or songs. They sometimes also offer free loops. Of course not every loop sounds great and it sometimes takes time to find what you want. Don't compromise with that especially when you buy loops.

As Sound forge and Acid (former Sonic Foundry) are bought by SONY now, I give you the new address here in case you have desperately searched for it already (like I did). You can also listen to some demos of loops and sounds at the Sony homepage.