Microphones, Mixer, Sound Cards, Computer Systems and Speaker of excellent quality for Computer Recording Systems

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Additional hardware
like sound cards, microphones, etc...is still needed. Computers and software is not everything. And don't forget your ears as the most important ingredient in this chain ;-)

Making professional, good sounding recordings became much easier with modern audio interfaces. The quality of a 96 kHz 24 bit recording is nothing to worry about and just perfect compared to analog recording on tape.

But as any chain is as strong as it's weakest link, the other components have to be excellent too. Otherwise you cannot really take advantage of the digital revolution.

That means, you need a complete recording chain in excellent quality.

The following components are selected to give you just that, from microphones to speakers, a great recording system at a reasonable budget.

(The following pages get constantly updated to give you the best tips possible)

  1. Microphones

  2. Music Mixer/Microphone Preamplifiers

  3. Soundcards/Audio-Interfaces

  4. Computer-Systems PC

  5. Computer-Systems Mac

  6. Laptop Recording

  7. Audio Power Amplifier

  8. Professional Computer Speakers

  9. Computer Accessories