DJ Software

Is DJ software really useful? Take a close look at the new possibilities a computer can provide

DJs often distrust computers and software when it comes to use it live in the disco. Many even dislike CD's and still
use vinyl-maxis or LPs. The main reason for this is probably because an LP offers a very direct access to the music. You can see where it starts, and just put the needle there. You can jump very quickly to another track and also see directly how long a track is and where it plays at the moment.

This is definitely a lot of vital information at a glance. That's exactly what DJ's needs, all the necessary information and as little distracting and unnecessary info as possible. A CD makes it much harder to deliver that. Instead of a direct sight to the "music" you need a display. In order to jump to other tracks you need buttons and a display.

Though CD-players became better and more sophisticated to deliver a better control over the music like pitch- and speed-change, they still are far from being a perfect solution for DJs.

As mp3 came up and it was easy to store a lot of tracks on HD, ALCATech developed the well known BPM studio. This was an alternate solution, especially for mobile discos, to CD players, because it also offered an 19" remote control for professional use.

Today the laptop has taken over. Programs like MixVibes or Traktor deliver so many options, low latency and are relatively cheap, that there's no way around them.

Software solutions became more and more usable and therefore important for professional DJs. The programmers and hardware manufacturers now satisfy both. The sophisticated users, that want a lot of features and those, that rather want to feel and touch their music, like with the old vinyl stuff..

Check this out:

(great DJ software that supports lots of external controllers)

Traktor/Native instruments
(The "standard" in the DJ scene)

DJ-Software BPM Studio/ALCATech
(Professional mp3 system)

Mixman Studio Pro/Beatnik
(The ultimate tool for "live-playing" DJs)

Acid Pro/Sonic Foundry
(The easiest way to a great sounding remix)

Fruity Loops/Graysoft
(Creates loops and whole tracks from samples)