Online Guitar Tuner???

I wondered why somebody would  need an online guitar tuner until a friend of mine explained it to me.

"Listen Rudolf, it's not that hard to understand", he said. "There are at least 4 good reasons to use a guitar tuner online".

  1. Guitar tuner are nasty little boxes that tend to vanish after a while. I never find my guitar tuner when I need it most.

  2. Batteries of guitar tuner are low just that moment when you are in a hurry. or stores are closed so you can't buy new ones.

  3. We are recording with computers and at least one computer is always connected to the internet.

  4. You might wish to experiment with different tunes and there are some online guitar tuner that give you also exotic tunings.

Well, while I always had troubles to fully understand guitar players ;-), I think this time I got what he said. He at least convinced me to tell you about it one on my Website.

I've tested a lot of online guitar tuner and must say that most of them are crap. They either force you to download a special plug-in to be able to play them, or they are simply not well programmed.

But there are a few you can use. I think it doesn't replace a good guitar tuning software or a real guitar tuner, but you certainly can use it for emergencies.

Now, here they are:

Here's a nice one for standard tunings, where you can choose if you like to hear guitar strings or simple tones. Just play around with the interface and explore it's options.

If you are interested in open or any non standard tunings, check this one. It also gives you a lot of additional information about how to tune a guitar.

If you have no connection to the internet , you might be interested in this free program. Just download it to your computer and tune your guitar offline.

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