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Music Software Reviews - Facts against Hype

Music software, that lets you play with the PROs - Unbiased, accurate and ruthless tests, that give you the important facts about digital recording.

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Sampling - A short introduction

What do you need to know about sampling and what are the best software sampler on the market today?

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Musikmesse Frankfurt 2006 Software News 1

Music-Software-Reviews took a visit at the Musikmesse Frankfurt, to see what's happening at the music software frontier. It came back with a swirling head, a bunch of more or less important news and some nice pictures.

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Comparison Chart of the top music recording software on the market

The basic functions of the top notch recording software compared in one easy to read chart. An indespensable tool to decide, which software is the right one for your personal needs.

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Adobe Audition 2.0 as a Sound Editor

A detailed review of Adobe Audition 2.0 as a sound editing software. All about the strong and the weak points of this highly acclaimed software.

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Adobe Audition Review

Did Adobe Audition evolve into a full blown, serious multitrack recording program? Read this detailed description of Adobe Audition 2.0.

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