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I'm sorry that I cannot answer special problems with specific music software. First I must admit that I don't know immediately all the solutions and second I just don't have the time to do that.

The goal of this website is also not to promote my business as a computer recording advisor, but to give you enough know-how to help yourself. So, tell me what you would like to see here on this site and I'll try to put it there.

You may wonder why I made up a form instead of putting my E-mail address on this page. The answer is simple. It is because of Spam. I got around 300 unsolicited E-mails a day on my old e-mail address. It simply got useless. I could not find your mail anymore. It just got buried under this load of useless messages and I had to give up that account. 

On the form you have to put in your e-mail address. It is not done automatically as if you would write me an e-mail. I need it to send you an answer and promise not to give it away to somebody else.

If you want, you can also put in your name but you don't have to.

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