The Music Software Survey Page

Tell me what you would expect from a site about music software!

Honestly, I'm sad about all those faceless pages that give you sleek comments and tell you nothing of importance about music software. As an advisor for computer recording studios I already wasted plenty of time on the net searching for desperately needed information.

When I decided to make up my own site it should be different. One that gives only what you really need without tons of useless information you have to wade through. That could save both of us a lot of time.

In the process of doing that, one can get pretty introverted in it's own work. Gee,...Surfers can't talk to me. They just click. When they leave my site without an answer for their problem, I'll never know why and cannot ask them.

This is the point where you can help me and yourself by answering my questions below. It will be a great input and let me work more effectively.

Site Improvement Survey
What would be the most important benefit of a good music software site?

What kind of information would you need most in the near future?
Detailed music software tests
"How to test" instructions
Music software stories from daily studio work
Interviews with famous producers
Detailed music software comparison sheets
Categorized "Best of" music software charts
News about music software
Home courses on different topics
Tips and Tricks from power user
"How to"-guides for recording, arranging, mixing...
anything else?

Which kind of NEWS related to music software interests you most?

What would you like to see improved on this site?

What do you like most about this site?