acid pro 5.0Acid Pro 5.0
A Revolutionary New Way To Make Music

I don't know how to describe Acid Pro 5.0 other than "cool". The fastest and smartest way of making great sounding playbacks or whole records with a minimum of effort.

Drop some loops on different tracks. Then add your own recordings, tune and mix them.. That's all.

Unbelievable, that this should sound like music. But it is. So you got to be careful. Once you start playing with it, you might become addicted.

Even professional producers cannot ignore
Acid Pro 5.0. It's just too interesting, time saving and performs really well.
Since it also has a midi sequencer implemented you can use it as a real production tool. When you have to create a jingle or a fast demo it
is hard to beat.

Acid Pro 5.0 provides some major improvements:

  • Groove Mapping quantization tools with Groove Cloning. That means you can take a groove from a loop and use that groove as a quantization pattern for a midi sequence. This helps you create songs that really groove.
  • ReWire support (mixer and device) Acid can be a ReWire mixer that mixes different sound sources. I can also be a device that gets routed into another mixer. This is great and we all have been waiting for this.
  • VST effects support with automation and tempo sync. and Multiport VSTi soft synth support. I think I don't have to explain that. Thats like Christmas and birthday together. You can use all your VST effects and instruments in Acid.
  • MIDI Piano Roll snap-to-scale filtering Finally the Midi section has a Piano Roll editor. In order to prevent wrong notes you can use the snap to scale feature
  • Customizable Workspace and Project Media Folder You an customize almost any aspect of your workflow. That makes it even faster to get good result.

I often wish that any software should be like acid. You actually play around while making good sounding music, that matches professional standards.


  • Automatic loop tempo and pitch matching
  • You can record your own tracks too
  • Fast and easy handling (High Fun-Factor !)
  • Customizable Workspace
  • Good sounding stretching algorithms
  • VST and ReWire compatible !!!
  • Big and very usable multi-genre Sound Library
  • On board MIDI sequencer
  • Track-at-once CD burning


  • PC only
  • Not as flexible as the big Sequencing Programs like Logic audio or Cubase

Platform:  PC (Windows 2000, XP)

Typical Users: DJ's, Home recording Artists, Multimedia Producers, Web-Designer, Movie Score Producers

Recommended Systems: Our model-systems that proved to work. From Microphone to Speakers. You can use this as it is, or as a basis for your own computer recording studio. It also gives you tips, which laptop models you can use for audio recording.

You can also take advantage of the big Acid libraries. Here I have collected some tips regarding the effective use of Acid loops.