Mixman Studio Pro

Mixman Remixing Studio

The Ultimate Software for "live-playing" DJs comes now with real hardware

Mixman Studio Pro is not only the best looking software I've ever seen on a PC, but also the only one I know of, that can satisfy the demand of DJs for real-time operation and dynamic mixing.

(I know, that look is not that important, but...)
While Acid addresses more the composer and arranger, this software is for the DJ that wants to work the way he's used to.

It's more like an instrument that more closely approximates the skills DJs use to mix music on the fly. And it got even better. Because there is definitely one thing, that sets them apart of the bunch and also gives an "unfair" advantage to the DJs using this tool.

New Yes, they really did it now. Everybody I know talked of "how great it would be to have a real hardware controller in hands that you can touch". Well, It seems that the developer of mixman also heard this demanding calls and developed exactly that.

Here it is now!

Mixman Studio XPro Hardware Controller

This tool is really not only for looking, but also for grabbing and feeling.

In effect, this makes the Mixman software/hardware package an almost unbeatable solution for professional DJs. At the moment I know of no other gear, that even comes near.


  • Great look and design
  • Sensational 2-turntable+Mixer hardware controller
  • very "playable", without much fiddling around
  • DJs can work the way they're used to with a very short learning curve and almost instantaneous good sounding results


  • A little less exact control over the actual output than on "step-by-step" software like Acid or other Audio Sequencer but on the other hand much faster and more spontaneous.

Manufacturers Homepage: Mixman-Technologies

Platform: Windows XP, 95, 98, 2000, ME and Macintosh OS 8,01 (or higher)

Typical Users: DJs, Dance Producers, Remixer

Demo: 3 days demo (Free)

Supported Hardware: No special soundcards needed (Mac + PC)

Manuals: download PDF files for

or for a quick overview of the different screens and functions assigned to the buttons of the keyboard...

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