BPM Studio

bpm studio remote control

BPM studio is a professional mp3 DJ system

This soft- and hardware makes sure the mobile DJ is no longer bothered by carrying CD cases. By using a rack-mount setup all you need is a PA system on location.

The control surface of BPM studio has a very simple layout in the style of winamp, with all controls and info easily accessible. There is a mother lode of decent modules for any conceivable task available. It only depends of the version you choose, which ones are included with your software. The main parts however are:

  1. BPM Studio File Archive
  2. Player A
  3. Player B
  4. Playlist for Player A
  5. Playlist for Player B
  6. Sample Player
  7. Cross Fader

This software consists of two unshakable full-control players. I can't say CD-players because actually they play either MP3 or WAV files directly from a HD.

For these two players you have two separate playlist windows. File selection can be done per drag&drop directly into these windows. There is also a simple to use file archive for accessing any audio file on your hard drive.

When you are bored with just two players you can also use the sample player which has nine digital keys that can each be allocated a sample. Using the sample editor various sample blocks (in groups of 9) can be saved.

The integrated mixer to control the two players, CD player, sampler and the monitor basically consists of two components, the audio channels and the equalizer/recorder. Using the recorder, you can edit an external audio signal (via MIC or LINE IN), or edit the audio track currently playing in the two players or sample player, as well as save the track as a wave or MP3 file.

What else?

Of course ID3/CDDB support to make it easy finding names for your tracks, a customizable 14-band equalizer, 19-inch remote control in different colors, Beats per minute-counter, manual/automatic cross fader and an mp3 stream module.

Something missing?

Yes there is still no 3-dimensional virtual DJ Holographic projection module available, to emulate a DJ at work. But who knows?

Maybe at the next update ;-)


  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • No CD's are required for the performance
  • Several 10.000 of tracks available ready-to-play
  • Administration of different users
  • simple and expansive playlists with full drag & drop support
  • High speed search for title, artist, year, genre or tempo
  • Comfortable, free editable track archive
  • Realtime tempo-counter, master tempo, pitch and pitchbend make beat matching real easy
  • Numerous additional functions such as real time loop sampler, sample player
  • Autofade mode for fully automatic operation
  • In a network an indefinite number of PC's can access a track archive
  • Streaming module offers the possibility for the use as an Internet radio frontend software
  • Recording the entire mix in realtime
  • DirectSound, Wave- and ASIO-Driver by Steinberg
  • Skin support and variable screen resolution
  • Advanced CDDB options
  • 3-D sound cards second-channel support
  • Can be started as an exclusive shell application


  • Not for Mac user
  • Could need a little tweaking of your system to run flawless

Manufacturers Homepage: ALCATech

Platform: PC (Windows XP, 2000)