Sound Cards PC

Software is not everything. You still need Sound cards PC or Mac, recording audio with a computer and they have to be excellent

Because a PC is not built for recording audio at high quality in the first place, you need some additional hardware. You can basically go three different ways recording audio with a PC.
  1. The Analog Mixer / Soundcard solution:

    Analog Mixer
    You need an analog
    mixer with built-in microphone preamplifiers

    Audio Mixer

    or a stand-alone phantom powered mic preamp

    M Audio Audiobuddy Mic preamp

    connected to a separate soundcard like this

    M Audio Soundcard PC

  2. Soundcards with built-in microphone amplifiers:

    Digidesign Breakout Box
    Alternatively to the Mixer/Soundcard solution you can go more compact and use a breakout box, which has the mic-preamplifier(s) already built in. The
    Digidesign MBox Audio Interface (Macintosh and Windows) is a typical interface of this category which uses USB as connection to the PC.

  3. Separate Control surfaces with built in mic-preamps:

    They also contain a mixer, effects, remote control for the sequencer and many other great features.

    Yamaha 01x Mlan ControllerThe Yamaha 01X mLAN Production Studio is one of the most interesting products of this category because it is connected via a mLan network that allows for up to 63 mLan compatible devices to be linked together.

The different ways to connect your Sound card to your PC:

Sound cards can be connected via the following interfaces. There is no real preference for a particular way to transfer your digital information to your PC. It all depends on the way you want to use your audio interface.

The following links will show you the newest products in each category.

  • PCI ...These are cards built in directly into your computer
  • USB ...USB I is slow (max. stereo), USB II is fast (multitrack)
  • Fire Wire ...Fast connection like USB II
  • mLan ...Fast connection that lets you build up a network
  • PCMCIA ...Small cards, mostly used in laptops