Computer Speaker computer speaker

Nearfield monitors as Computer Speaker give you the sound you deserve...

Computer Speaker are in fact Near field Monitors with one very special attribute. They need a perfect shielding. Otherwise your monitor will show you some bizarre colors and shapes (except you work with Flat Panel monitors).

The next problem that needs to be handled is bass (depending on the nature of music you have to mix). Small monitors cannot really move the base (no matter what advertising noise says).

My absolute favorites (after a lot of comparison tests over the years) are still the Tannoy-Concentric Speakers. The ones I recommend for near field monitoring are the System 800 shielded. They are big enough to get an idea of the base and small enough to fit your desktop beside your Screen.

In fact some of the modern near field monitors l became very good in producing real bass. But only at decent level. When you want to hear it loud, you still need bigger speaker.

When you have to mix music with deep and loud bass, like Hip-Hop, all kind of Dance-Music, Pop or Rock, you need speakers, that can move the air molecules with enough energy, to give you a good impression of what's going on deep down in the basement.

In practice, that means you need at least a 12" Bass driver.

You can either manage that by getting 2 good shielded Near field Monitors and a subwoofer or two 12" speaker. Bigger monitor speakers are not shielded because the magnetic power is too big to allow effective shielding. But normally they stand away from your screen, so that should be no problem.

So, if you want to go for a powerful midfield monitoring system take a look at the Tannoy System 1200.

Tannoy System 1200This studio monitor is not really a small box, but when you can manage it (money-, place- or neighbor-wise), get them. They sound just great at a fair price and you will have enough power in the lower frequencies.