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Blindread (now called Blindwrite) is a "one click" CD Copy software, designed for making copying of CDs and DVDs as easy as possible

The manufacturer claims there is almost no CD, this software cannot read. It must be literally broken in two pieces.

That doesn't mean it will restore the content in some magical way, but it will read every bit that's somehow readable.

To show how this software performs, they even designed an almost unreadable test CD, to prove the robustness of the extraction engine.

  • 80 tracks total of a mixed kinds
  • 60 audio tracks of less than 2 seconds
  • 60 000 bad sectors
  • 12 thin rings
  • 2 unreadable gaps
  • Deep Scratches, and even 2-4mm holes !

A real nightmare for CD readers. Half of the tested readers couldn't even start, because they were physically unable to read such a CD 10% have started but couldn't finish the extraction, and 40% succeeded. The extraction time went from 2:30 for the faster (TRAX 4424 +), to 41 hours!!! for the slower (a Plex 32).

In the praxis you might not need this tool very often, but when you need it, than you definitely should have it (sounds like Visa advertising).

If you cannot read a CD, try this tool. If it can't read it, probably nothing can. I had to use it a few times and it worked on CDs that no other program could read. I had however also CDs that were too bad off, so that no software could read it anymore.


  • BlindRead 3 is compatible with a large amount of CD or DVD readers, no matter they are IDE or SCSI.
  • Reads almost everything, even partly destroyed disks
  • Cheap, with free upgrades
  • Very easy to use. Basically only two mouse clicks.


  • Is nothing but a Reader (you cannot edit anything)
  • Only for CD (not for DVD)
  • Not for Mac

Update! The new version 5 is not divided into Blindread/Blindwrite but called Blindwrite 5. It reads and writes also DVDs now.

Manufacturers Homepage: Blindwrite 5.0

Platform: PC (Windows 2000, XP/server2003, Windows Vista)