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Blindwrite is a simple but reliable "one click" CD and DVD copy tool

If no other software can read a CD or CD-Rom you want to copy, this software might be your last chance. There is almost no CD it cannot read.

This program is so simple, that there is not much to say about.

After a short configuration, where you choose the language, the CD-writer and some minor adjustments, that you can probably leave as they are, you can start the CD writing wizard.

It is very simple. You just choose the CD writer you want to use for this session, the image file you want to burn and you're through.

Not like a well known competitor, the developers say it's not necessary to be RAW mode compatible. They say it's just a common widespread rumor, that a RAW MODE compatible CD writer was necessary to write RAW DATA.

My personal experience is that I have this program on my computer just in case my other copy programs fail. I don't use it for everyday purposes. It sometimes helped me when no other software could copy a CD.


  • Is compatible with a large amount of CD-writers, no matter they are IDE or SCSI.
  • Cheap, with free upgrades
  • Very easy to use. Basically only two mouse clicks
  • Can copy almost any CD


  • Is nothing but an image-writer (you cannot edit anything)
  • Not for Mac
Manufacturers Homepage: homepage

Platform: PC (Windows 2000, XP/server2003, Windows Vista)