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Is CD copy the ultimate CD-Ripper and Burner ?

This software is considered one of the best CD-rippers on the net. It is heavily used by folks changing their CD-tracks to mp3 and placing it to the
web. It however not only converts tracks to mp3 but also to MP3, WAV and RealAudio.

It even features things you might not even have thought of, when ripping CDs. It has a built in WinAmp and RealAudio play list generator, Diamond RIO support, contains a small MP3 player with infrared remote control support!!! and features even an integrated sleeve editor with TWAIN scanner interface and support for the most common graphic formats for directly scanning your Covers.

In short, If you search for a compact solution to rip tracks to different file formats, or to burn your mp3s to Compact Disc, this is a very good and inexpensive solution.


  • Can save files in many different formats (even Yamaha VQF)
  • Supports Atapi and SCSI drives
  • Jitter correction
  • Overreading of defective sectors
  • Re-reading sectors
  • Speed selection.
  • It is possible to rip several tracks into one file.
  • Ripping with multiple files


  • No support for Mac HFS Discs

Manufacturers Homepage: homepage

Platform: PC (Windows 95/98, ME, 2000, NT)