CD Maker

CD maker (now CD&DVD maker) brings simplicity to CD-recording

Note: As music software is a fast changing technology the content of this page is already outdated. The new CD and DVD burning software from Newtech is called CD&DVD Maker.

The interface is somehow different to other CD-recording software. It does not rely on Wizards or Assistants but is in itself so easy to use that even beginners have no problem burning their first CDs.

It follows the basic two- or three-button approach from layout to writing in all its sub-applications. That gives you a very short learning curve in getting this program to burn efficiently.

It even supports Sanyos BurnProof technology, which should have been a feature implemented since the beginning of CD-recording. It would have saved many blanks from being wasted. Though this feature is pretty new, it is supported by almost any new drive.

This software has proved to be a very useful utility for burning without the complexity of other software packages. The two-step procedure for burning most CDs makes it possible for almost anyone to successfully burn a disc. While the more advanced users may require greater control over their discs, the software's intuitive, user-friendly design makes it a good choice for all to use.


  • Graphic User Interface ideal for beginners
  • Buffer Management for reliable high-speed recording
  • Burns MP3s on-the-fly
  • Live Audio for real-time recording to Compact Disc Recordable
  • Video Mastering
  • MP3 decoder/encoder


  • No Mac version

Manufacturers Homepage: Newtech Infosystems

Platform: PC (Windows 95/98, ME, 2000, NT)