fireburner screenFireburner

The easiest way to burn your mp3s to CD


FireBurner is a small but very powerful CD-R/W burning software package. It allows to burn custom data, audio or mixed mode CD's.

It's one of the best and easiest program to use for making audio CD's from MP3 files. It can burn audio tracks from MP3 files with its powerful and stable on the fly MP3 decoding!

Intelligent code that communicates with your IDE or SCSI recording devices via any ASPI interface without the need for bulky drive database.

Scans disc and track image files for corruption via speed optimized ECC/EDC error checker (very important for reliability)

Famous BINChunker functions allows conversion of Bin/Cue disc images to ISO, WAV and PCM track image files.

A very useful program for users that don't want to spend the money for one of the big programs and yet need many of it's functions. Ideally suited for those, who mainly burn their mp3 files to CD.


  • Creates custom CD's from source files and directories via drag/drop interface.
  • Lists detailed information about the status and capabilities of your devices.
  • Graphical user interface with skins
  • Sometimes still burns, when other applications quit
  • Works well with older CD-recorder


  • Could be a bit too technical for casual users and beginners
Manufacturers Homepage: 2000 IgD Software

Platform: PC (Windows XP, 2000)

Demo: Download version 2.2.1 (fully functional, except all recording operations are limited to 1X speed and 30 days limit)