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Mp3 decoder got the easy part
of sound conversion

Decoding mp3 files should be no problem at all. In the related ISO standard is exactly defined, how they should work. There is basically no room for experiment or setting oneself apart from the competition.

You can test the decoding quality in a very scientific way by comparing bits. A decoder cannot sound "good" or "bad" but just work correctly or make mistakes. For reading a very smart test of decoders I recently detected on the web, go here.

The result of this test shows that there is software that works flawless (decode always to the nearest bit) and other that make
s mistakes from subtle to audible.

What could that mean to us user?

That means that you should not accept anything below a perfect decode.

But how do you find out the decoding quality of your application?

Well, first go to this page:,
to see if your program is listed there.

If you don't find it go here: Since most of the tests are pretty old you may not find your software version.

The third page that I found has the most recent tests, but without an overview. You have to scroll down the page to find out if a test exists for your software:

For professional application don't accept anything below perfect decoding!