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Which mp3 to wav converters decode perfectly?

Mp3 to Wav converters left me puzzled sometimes. I don't know what you think about that, but I always had a bad feeling in the stomach using mp3 files in my recording studio. Maybe it was just because I didn't really know, what these converters, decoder and encoder really do to the sound.

You may say I should listen if it sounds good enough and I would agree so far, but sometimes I heard some artifacts (even strong ones) and sometimes it just sounded like the original CD.

As I decided to find out more about that, I discovered a very useful test of mp3 decoders. It was obviously done with an unbiased very scientific approach and not based on opinions of so called authorities.

Don't worry, you don't have to go through the whole thing (it's very technical) though you may do so if you like (just click here). I just made a short summary to pick up what's useful from that test in order to choose the right software.

The result of this test is that there are decoder that are flawless (decode always to the nearest bit) and others that make mistakes from subtle to audible.

If you want a guaranteed perfect decode every time, choose one of the recommended decoders below:

The LAME converter
This is a codec not an application. In order to use it, you need software like WaveNET mp3 1.1.0 (freeware)

Sonic Foundry's Siren Jukebox
Software from Sonic Foundry, one of the leading developers for professional digital audio on the PC. To me it's no surprise that this application passed the test.

Ultra Player
Besides decoding, Ultra Player is a great player for audio and video files. Probably the only real competition for Winamp.

What a surprise! The standard player on PC is also a flawless decoder. Great!