portable mp3 players
 Portable Mp3 Players

could we need portable mp3 players in a recording studio environment?

At the moment we have basically three different kind of portable mp3 players on the market.

  • The Players with solid state memory
  • Those with a built-in harddisk
  • The new Mp3 CD player generation

You might wonder now what this has to do with producing music. Why would you even bother dealing with mp3 players when you can listen to high quality sound files.

Well there is at least one good reason. You might get asked to make a live playback of a CD you have recorded. Maybe this mix contains additional tracks that make it remarkably longer than the original CD.

Of course you could make two CDs but then they would need somebody who changes disk. That's a risky thing.

Another risk is the reliability of CD players. Especially in live environments they like to jump and loose the audio track despite all the shock protection they offer.

Well, here we go! We can save the day by offering the playback as an mp3 file on a solid state mp3 player.

You hardly notice the difference between CD and mp3 files in a live environment and there is almost nothing that can stop an mp3 player from playing. You would nor use an mp3 CD player but one with solid state memory or built in hard disk.

So whenever you have to do a live playback like for a fashion show or a concert do yourself a favor and go mp3. Even if your clients ask you for CDs you should at least give them the idea that an mp3 player would be the better choice.

It is simply much more reliable than any other solution.