Reason  reason 3 with Hardware Controller

Reason lets you build the rack of your dreams and even control it with some hardware.

Yes, it seems that you can go a long way with this stand-alone music station software. It is much more flexible than Rebirth, you can load your own sounds and there is very little you cannot do.

If you liked rebirth because of it's simplicity and fun to use, you probably love reason too. It's a "must have tried" software for electronic and dance producers and a nice experience for all other computer musicians.

The basic idea was to emulate all the Synthesizer and Sampler a recording studio has in its racks by software alone. It seems that this was just the beginning.

Now this software has long passed this point and implements features you cannot find in a standard synth-rack. Especially the way to handle loops and what you can do with it is amazing and very inspiring.

There's one last thing I have to say about "Propellerhead Software".
They don't release it before it works great. That saves you a lot of troubles and gives you kind of security-feeling.

It doesn't matter what kind of music-hacker you are, try it anyway.


  • All in one concept has huge advantages
  • Built-in database
  • Stable performance
  • Good sound
  • Good sound library


  • Some additional tracks to record vocals would make it perfect (Please dear Propellerheads, I know this is somehow against the idea of this software but I  often had a good song and just needed some additional vocals. To change to another program is always a pain so maybe you consider implementing this in the future :-)

Manufacturers Homepage: Propellerheads in sweden

Platform: Mac (OS 9 or later) / PC (Windows XP, 2000)

Typical Users: Electronic Musicians, DJs, Dance Producer, Homerecording Artists

Demo: Download Demo (save/export disabled, no support for refills and it quits after 20 minutes)

Supported Hardware PC: 16 bit compatible Soundcard, preferably with an ASIO or DirectX driver

Supported Hardware Mac: No special Soundcard required

Recommended Systems: Our model-systems that proved to work. From Microphone to Speakers. You can use this as it is, or as a basis for your own computer recording studio. It also gives you tips, which laptop models you can use for audio recording.

Manuals: Documentation