screenshot rebirth 2.01Rebirth 2.01

Rebirth sounds almost more like Roland TB-303 than the original  ;-)

For all those readers, that don't have a clue why this Bassline-hype started, a short introduction into the history of the Roland TB-303 Bassline. It's originally from a great Web-site of Frank Reitz, that is totally dedicated to the Roland TB 303 at


The history

The TB303 (Transistor Bass) was introduced in the early 1982's together with the TR606 Drumatix (Transistor Rhythm) by Roland. It was invented by Tadao Kikumoto.

At that time the 303 was not an expensive piece, only about £215. The two small plastic-pieces were intended to emulate a real bass player and a real drummer.

Obviously only very few musicians used the TB303 and TR606 for that purpose because the machines just could not replace the real thing. Their sounds didn't anywhere come near a real bass or drumset, and the musicians didn't want to go through the time-consuming task of programming the machines.

Since nobody wanted the TB303 anymore, Roland stopped producing them 18 months after releasing it. At that time they'd produced about 20.000 copies altogether.

It was not until 1987 when a DJ (rumors has it that it was DJ Pierre) came up with the idea to turn the knobs while playing the TB303 that acid house was born. After that the machine suddenly became more and more wanted and soaked for.

Today's acid music is very different from the acid house of the 80's/early 90's. Now acid music is typically produced using the TB303 and a TR909.

The TR909 drum machine produces a much more hard, much more danceable beat. The bass drum really kicks and it has got a very famous clap!

As if that wasn't enough, apply a guitar-distortion pedal and the sound is now much more harsher and emphasizes the resonance into agony screams. BIG fat sounds from small machines!!


Well, this was the history of the real thing, now what's about this propellerhead clone?

The expectancy was not very high when Rebirth first came out, but the sound and the timing were just perfect. Many hardware clones had swamped the market, but only few sounded similar than the original.

That was the big plus-point for Rebirth.

It sounded exactly like the original and even gives you two bassline at once with a complete Orlando TR-909 and 808 Drum computer as a little extra bonus ;-).

You even have a mixer and distortion integrated.

Rebirth was all some hardcore dance producers dreamed of, and therefore this software became a real hit.

plus symbol Plus:

  • Sounds exactly like the original
  • Very stable and fluent performance
  • Easy but powerful handling
  • Internet fun through skin and song exchange

minus symbol Minus:

  • Integration with other programs than Cubase could be better

Manufacturers Homepage: Propellerheads

Platform: Mac (OS 8.0 or higher) / PC (Windows XP, 95/98, ME, 2000, NT)

Typical Users: Hardcore techno producers, Online users "just for fun"

Demo: Download the RB-338 2.0.1 Demo versions

The Rebirth Demo has all the features of the commercial version, but no mods. It works for 15 minutes but can't save songs or export audio to aiff/wav.

Supported Hardware PC: Approved Windows compliant 16-bit Sound Card

Supported Hardware Mac: No special Soundcard required

Recommended Systems: Our model-systems that proved to work. From Microphone to Speakers. You can use this as it is, or as a basis for your own computer recording studio. It also gives you tips, which laptop models you can use for audio recording.