recycle 2.1 screenRecycle 2.1

The art of chopping beats

Recycle was a revolutionary
tool. The first software, that lets you change the tempo of a loop without changing its pitch or exchanging single beats.

Basically it cuts out the single Beats, stretches it a bit (for slower tempos) and puts the beginning of each beat in a sequencer. So every Beat is triggered by a MIDI-Note.

You export a midi file to your sequencer, the samples and a program to your sampler and let the sequencerfile trigger that program. It sounds like the original loop, except that you can change the tempo now.

The more advanced users also exchange or shift beats, put certain parts of the loop in different effects (like reverb on snare) and change the groove-feeling (shuffle).

Fortunately it now supports stereo loops (as most loops are).

Since version 2 the new Rex2 file format is used. The easiest way to play the Rex2 files is via REX player. Almost any big sequencer has this ability. The files are simply dropped at the place they should play and they instantly play in the correct tempo.


  • Supports many samplers
  • multiple Undo
  • 24 bit resolution
  • works on stereo files
  • Makes loops very flexible
  • Good and simple handling
  • Effects can be applied
  • Reason adapted and Reload included


  • I don't know of any (Propellerhead has fixed all complaints I originally had ;-)

Manufacturers Homepage: Propellerheads in sweden

Platform: Mac (OS 8.0 or higher) / PC (Windows XP, 95/98, ME, 2000, NT)

Typical Users: Groove Wizzards, DJs, Dance Producer, Recording Studios, Sounddesigner

Demo: Download version 2.1 (Can't save, No transfers to and from sampler)

Supported Hardware PC:
Approved Windows compliant Sound Card

Supported Hardware Mac: No special Soundcard required

Recommended Systems: Our model-systems that proved to work. From Microphone to Speakers. You can use this as it is, or as a basis for your own computer recording studio. It also gives you tips, which laptop models you can use for audio recording.